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Regital Line

Complete Beauty Care System

Regital products are designed for all women. Used daily they take care of your appearance both from the inside and outside and help you to discover the secret of your beauty. Thanks to their rich formulas Regital products provide you with properly selected active ingredients, which give brightness and healthy look to your skin, strengthen hair, eyelashes and brows, improve nails’ appearance and also highlight your beautiful lips.


Hand and Nail Cream

Moisturizing & Nourishing Hand and Nail cream designed for sensitive, dry skin requiring intensive care.

Nourishing Lip Care

This Vitamin C Nourishing Lip Care keeps your lips soft, smooth and healthy looking.



Regital Lash Serum

Eyelash & Brow Growth Stimulating Serum contains natural ingredients which make your eyelashes longer, stronger and fuller in 6 weeks.

Regital Dietary Supplement

Thanks to its rich formula (33 ingredients) and comprehensive action it takes care of your hair, skin and nails from the inside.

Vitamin E Cuticle and Nail Oil

Three-phase cuticle and nail oil precisely takes care of your hands appearance.




Skin – smooth and firm. Rich formula of Regital dietary supplement helps you to maintain healthy appearance of your skin.


Hair – shining and strong. The variety of vitamins and minerals in Regital dietary supplement help you to improve hair condition.


Nails – hard and healthy. Regital Hand and Nail Cream, Dietary Supplement and Cuticle & Nail Oil take care of their appearance every day.

Eyelashes and brows

Eyelashes and brows – longer, stronger, fuller. Regital Lash: Eyelash & Brow Growth Stimulating Serum changes the look of your eyes just in 6 weeks.


Lips – smooth and juicy. Regital Strawberry Lip Care is like sweet kiss on your lips, always welcomed :)


Comfort: Apply – Become Beautiful – Stay Happy. Regital – Discover the Secret of Your Beauty!

Regital Dietary Supplement

Regital dietary supplement - its rich formula, 33 ingredients, helps to maintain healthy skin (due to the presence of vitamins C, B2, A, biotin and trace elements: iodine and zinc), shiny hair (due to the presence of horsetail, zinc, selenium, and biotin) and hardened nails (due to the presence of zinc and selenium).

Regital Lash Serum

Regital Lash is an Eyelash & Brow Growth Stimulating Serum. Longer, stronger, fuller eyelashes in 6 weeks. Dermatologically tested, paraben and fragrance free, safe to use with lash extension. Beautiful eyelashes, Beautiful You.

Moisturizing & Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream

The Cream is designed for sensitive and dry skin requiring intesive care. Oleum Ricini deeply hydrates, Vitamin E nourishes and Keratin restores hand skin and nails. Used regularly it also prevents split nails. Thanks to these carefully selected ingredients the cream protects your hands and nails from the weather conditions or detergents.

Regital Lip Care

Regital Lip Care – nourishing, strawberry lip care with vit. C keeps your lips soft, smooth and give juicy shine. Contains: Vit. C, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Blend of Natural Plant Oil, Vit. E.

Vitamin E cuticle and nail oil

Nourishes and cares for dried cuticles, stimulates regeneration of nail matrix and protects nails against cracking and splitting.



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